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Why meditate daily?

Why meditate daily?  🙏

It will change your brain, and then it will change your life. You can become completely free ⭐
“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden
You are in charge of your brain, mind and thoughts. When we let our conditioned brains be in charge, we remain stuck in old, predictable patterns. ⭐
In meditation, it all arises within the silence of your own awareness. 🙏
We can break free of this habitual behavior we need to cultivate self-awareness. In meditation it’s possible recognize our true self to be ever-present awareness. We will become free from the conditioned responses of our minds and bodies. ⭐
Launch yourself daily. 🙏
Living from true self, in present moment, you direct your life, and find beauty, love and joy.
Let these thoughts  quide you this week. 🙏

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