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BE PATIENT. The time will come

Yin yoga teache training
ZENBLOG // BE PATIENT. The time will come. 🙏
Do you believe in pacience? That everything comes at the right time, in the right moment? Now I do believe it but ten years ago I would have said that this is nonsense.
I am quite quick and innovative, but unfortunately also quite impatient and restless, from my nature. Things should happen at once, now, not next month or next year.
After many years of practices being ”less-patient” with yoga, meditation, breathing practices, and mindfulness, I have learnt some patience and peace but also resilience and perseverance.
In 90’s sitting ten minutes in Buddhist meditation was very difficult for me, and sometimes it still is, after years and years of practice.
Also, ten years ago staying three minutes in yin yoga asana was painful, not physically but mentally because my monkey mind was running after busy work day, and I could not quiet neither stop it.
Yin yoga appeared like an irritating but still interesting new friend, who makes you curious. After getting to know her better you might start to like her, then sometimes even love her.
I was annoyed because during these practices I should have stayed still, and quiet my mind, which was a huge mess. I could not calm down and relax – so I was irritated to myself.
I took a chance and let my curiosity lead me deeper to new yin classes, teachings, Buddhism, workshops, studies, travels after interesting teachers, then to few teacher training, and finally teaching yin.
Years and years, with curiosity and persistence I read, studied, learned, and became more interested in these practices. Because I realized how profound and interesting they are, how good I felt and how important it is to learn to control an master – even a bit – my mind, and find more patience and peace.
Ten years ago in first yin classes I could not have believed where these practices would take me.
Seven years ago when I started teaching yin, and yin & yang I would have laughed if someone had told me that in 2021 I would be teaching yoga teachers, organizing a yin yoga teacher training. But it happened, as suddenly last summer I made a decision and all happened quite quickly.
I organised the first yin teacher training it in September, and it was a very challenging project but I loved it and my students. Next year 2022 there will be next one in February, and hopefully many other inspiring new things and events ahead!
I could not be more grateful and content, after last years of losses.
I cannot say that the path found me, no, I found the path and worked hard, but sometimes things can happen without too much planning, by intuition.
A thing leads to another, which opens a new door, where you find a brighter and more inspiring world.
Now, after all what has happened, I want to believe that anything is possible. In good and in bad.
So daily I say to myself: Be patient, practice, work, study, trust on the future but enjoy the process, love your journey.
Be humble, be open, be grateful, be wise, be gentle to yourself. Good things take time.
And trust on this: Everything comes to you at the right time. That is the best Zen you can practice.

Next Yin Yoga Teacher Training in February 2022: https://fb.me/e/1cJg2U3UH

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