Balanced Life

“I founded Zen Studio for the passion of yoga, meditation, and Taoist practices. I want to offer unforgettable experiences for a balanced, peaceful and healthy life.” Laura

Zen Studio is a holistic service for yoga and well-being, to live happier and healthier life. It is based in the beautiful city of Málaga but works internationally and also online.  The logo is a blue spiral of life and water reflecting the Mediterranean, bright light, warm sun, fresh turquoise sea, and blue sky. Come and join us!

My yoga services

My mission is grounded on the principles of yoga, seasonal living, meditation, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong.

I offer functional Yin Yoga Teacher Training, innovative workshops, joyful retreats, healthy diet courses, and mindful meditation.

My yoga services unite body and mind to cultivate holistic well-being. Practices are aiming for vitality, mobility, flexibility, strength, serenity, and harmony – in body and mind.

Yoga for every body!

I listen and respect every client, different bodies and needs, so that’s why I teach functional Yin yoga emphasized with mindfulness.


I love yoga,  meditation, Málaga and the Mediterranean Sea.
Living in harmony in yin & yang is a foundation to peace and happiness. I invite you to open a new door and step to a lifelong path of Yin to enjoy life fully!” Laura


Yoga matt
Yin Yoga pose
Yin butterfly