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SPRING SEASON is time for new growth, rebirth, and renewal. Spring is also perfect time to cleanse and detox the body, refresh the mind, and find new, more vital and energetic you.

As the nature wakes up after long winter, so the body wants to detox purify and rejuvenate. Green spring is the perfect time to purge and to nourish the body.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with the growth, wood element, which is connected with liver and gallbladder. These organs play very important roles in the digestive system, renewal, purification, and overall well-being. Liver also moves our Qi-energy, and if it is stagnated it can cause many problems physically and mentally. We want to keep our Qi-energy moving and our body and mind healthy.

HOLISTIC WELLBEING. Spring cleansing of the body is a useful annual habit to repeat every spring to leave behind all old and enter to new, beautiful summer season. Best way to do it is a comprehensive practice combining different methods, which target to activate digestion, purify the digestive organs, liver and gallbladder, and balance our life.

Detox works in many ways:
– Helps to get rid of all extra and waste in body and in mind.
– Washes away impurities gathered in the body during the winter.
– Increases the healthy flow of chi energy.
– Raises vitality and energy level.
– Balances the body, energy and mind.
– Increases joy, peace and happiness.

EAT GREEN AND FRESH. In cleansing diet vegetables and green smoothies form the core of the diet. The colour of the spring is green. Salads, soups, a lot of raw food, or steamed or cooked, as fresh food as possible. You may eat what you like, be creative but keep it simple.

The taste of the liver is sour so add lemons, and fermented food to your daily diet.

Drinking a lot of pure water with lemon is also important. Starting the morning with fresh ginger and lemon in hot water cleanses first the digestion and boosts the immunity system. Drink hot dandelion drink during the day. Sip lukewarm lemon water.

KEEP YOURSELF ACTIVE. In spring and during cleansing it is useful to practice, stay active, compress digestion and purify intestines. Do a lot of twists! Shake your body! Smile! Go out, breath fresh air! Stay in the nature, admire new growth and the miracles of the nature.

YIN FOR ANGER. Stagnation of free flow of energy in liver affects to our feelings and our mind, especially in these challenging times, when we worry and feel uncertain for the future. We may even feel anger, frustration, and restlessness which disturbs our clear thinking, and should be turned to self-compassion and acceptance, to healthy reactions and actions.

The practice of functional yin, which concentrates on liver and gallbladder and their energy lines, meridians, to open and stimulate them, supports liver cleansing.

Liver out of balance manifests with anger, irritation, and frustration, but the liver in harmony resonates with kindness, compassion and inspiration.

Holistic spring detox offers a great opportunity to work with your mind and emotions, relax, reduce stress, find your inner beauty and prepare yourself to a balanced spring.

Warmly welcome healthy and happy spring and summer!



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