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Yoga and holistic wellbeing in malaga

Zen Studio is a Mediterranean centre for yoga and holistic wellbeing in vibrant Soho, center of Malaga. Come to our innovative classes and joyful city retreats. Open a new door and find healthier and happier you!

Hatha Yoga


Joyful hatha classes yoga with focus on breath. Smoothly moving hatha, opening and strengthening asanas, pranayama and relaxation. Gives strength, flexibility and stability.

Yin yoga


Yin is mindful, functional practice targeting to joints, connective tissues and energy lines. Yin opens and purifies the body, removes extra toxins, cultivates the free flow of vital Qi-energy, and calms the mind.



The class combines warming poses, a yang practice and functional yin poses. Yin&Yang tonifies and invigorates the body and fascia, gives strength, balance and mobility, and harmonizes mind and energy.






YIN for Balanced Life -workshop
Saturday 22nd of February at 10-12.30
30€, 25€ for 2 persons

We invite you to introduction of functional yin to balance the body and mind and to raise the energy level and vitality. This is an integrated workshop of yin, Qi-energy, Taoistic principles, seasons and five elements theory, Chinese Medicine and mindfulness. Welcome!

Balanced Aroma Yin & Meditation

Sunday 23th of February 19-20.30
Price: €10 / bono / pass

Aromatherapy yin & guided meditation -practice with long held yin poses and seasonal essential oils helps to calm down and release all extra on closing Sunday of every month.

Holistic diets

Are you dreaming of better health, fresher you, and happier life? Do you want to learn how to eat well and healthy, get rid of toxins and be full of energy? Are you struggling with digestive issues? Missing lack of vitality? Contact us and ask for more!


Healthy body
Calm mind
Free energy