The spiral of life became a logo

Zen Studio logo

Sometimes something can follow you years, unconsciously. This has happened to me with a spiral. Since 90’s it has been shown up in my meeting note books and papers. Drawing it calms me down.

For me it refers also a spiral of life. It means that after you are born, you start to grow physically and mentally expand in your life, opening a spiral of development, wisdom and happiness. You are open to new things and lifelong learning. It is opposite from spiral of misery turning inside, what may happen in some point of life.

When I started planning to open a yoga and wellbeing studio in Malaga, the colors and the idea of logo were quite clear. It would be blue spiral. I draw some drafts about the spiral with continual line contemplatin how it would work in branding, different materials and also as art in studio. It looked nice.

Through Facebook’s women’s group I finally found a graphic designer Angelina Luzhina from Grafilinka. She was a perfect person for planning my logo, as she does also watercolor paintings and fine art prints. She has a sense of water, blue and light.

After some sketches and my clear vision about it she ended up planning a spiral with spots, which makes it lighter, representing also spots of falling water. She overcame my expectations. Working with her was fluent, easy and communicative. It was a pleasant project.

Our logo is ready. It a blue spiral of life, open to the future. It is like a spiral of water reflecting the Mediterranean Sea, bright light, refreshing turquoise sea, and blue sky.

It is also blue and white as Finnish flag. The colors of my country came alive in Mediterranean. I love it.

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