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ZENBLOG // Trying not to try too much means living peacefully and freely here and now in the flow of life. How does it sound to you?

In the beginning of the year, we set intentions and short and long-term goals, start anew, and reflect our lives. This year I decided live more Wu wei. What is this?

Wu wei means in Chinese non-doing or ‘doing nothing’. It doesn’t mean not acting, laziness or apathy, it means effortless action and non-action in action. It means being at peace even in the most frenetic tasks.

This concept of simplicity and spontaneity is a key to the noblest kind of action according to the philosophy of Taoism, so the idea is old. Taoism is the Chinese philosophy that celebrates living in harmony with the natural flow of the universe. Some Taoist and Confucian thinkers who lived in early China had a deep insight into this Wu wei -concept but it is very useful still today.

Wu wei means no striving, forcing, chasing, no worries, desires, judgement. Instead of fighting against life events, we should try to live and flow with them, incorporate them into our lives, and align our actions to meet with them. It releases the energy that is normally held back by an overly aggressive, willful style of thinking, acting, and living.

Think fresh – stress less. The idea of slowing down and breaking away from the constant search for success, fame, and money, has a crucial influence to our life and mental well-being.

What does this mean? We have been told that we achieve our goals only through serious efforts, careful reasoning and challenging ourselves. But we spend our time for too much trying and planning our life which does not make us creative neither happy. We are too organised and worried. We have stress and harm. For what? Last years showed us that we cannot control the external circumstances, even our lives. The only thing we can control is how we react to them and let them affect to our mind and life.

Living according to the law of nature in the present moment allows the mind calm down, increases intuition, and makes us more creative. It is a dynamic, effortless, and unconscious state of mind of an active and energetic person.

It leads to a spontaneous natural process, like the flow of the water. This will allow our decisions and actions to become more natural, yet energetic, and effective. It also leads to less stressful life.

That is why we should reconsider our approaches to everyday life and challenge ourselves to think in a new, fresh way. Why not try?

Find your self and be free. The cosmos is also offering us the opportunity to leave the last heavy years behind and slow down. We just entered to the Aquarius season, which is very intellectual, idealistic, innovative, and creative time.
Also, we shifted into the year of the Yin Water Rabbit in Chinese Astrology. The Rabbit brings hope, peace, and harmony. It brings gentle energy and opens this year to slow down, focus on what is important. Again, we are encouraged to trust our intuition, and seek joy in daily life.

The element of water represents going with the flow and being more receptive to our higher senses. We should be like water, being soft yet strong.

Yin energy asks us to keep a calm mind, stay open to new possibilities, and focus on what expands.

This energy in the beginning of the year 2023 supports you to follow your intuition, trust on your insight and inner wisdom. Choose being gentle with yourself instead of pushing and forcing.

I decided to give up the continuous control, worry, and planning, and do what is important and valuable for me. I decided to trust on me and the flow of life. It carries.

What about if you decide to listen to your intuition and start a year by trying and controlling less, by pausing, and maybe finding a way to do what you love in life, what nourishes you and makes you happy? Listen to your heart. Let yourself dream.

The best news is: When we turn our look inside, we can find and reconnect with our authentic selves when all useless and irrelevant is revealed, pealed, and let go. We become free. It is the most precious treasure in life that we can find.


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