Brain & Mind & Body

Brain, Mind, Body

I started to study cognitive psychology in Helsinki University. It examines mind, memory, consciousness, thinking, perception, creativity and attention. It is really interesting, it’s my long time plan and project.

Understanding our mental processes and behavior is really complex and challenging but for me the natural next step in my agenda – profoundin my yoga teacher, meditation, mindfulness and anatomy studies. It opens new approaches to understand people and life.

I also continued the studies of anatomy and physiology. To create new ideas for teaching and focus more on helping people to cultivate health and wellbeing I am deeply interested to learn more about the functions and the connections between the mind and body. A human being as a holistic system.

My third field to study is Chinese – a dream come true. It is maybe the most fascinating way to practice your brains to learn and understand something new.

I really want to try to keep my brains as active and responsive as I can during my whole life.

What do you study? How do you keep your brains and mind active? What about your body?

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