Time to raise Qi-energy


May is a perfect month to raise and balance the level of vital Qi-energy.

Spring and May offer us the opportunity to grow, renew and refresh, to purge and cleanse all extra away from our body and mind. It is time to increase mobility, flexibility, and strength, not only physically and energetically but also mentally. With these qualities we can create constantly expanding energy in our life.

First I was thinking to write about the importance of physical energy, and how to build it in our physical body, as I have chosen energy as a theme for May in yoga and wellbeing, but then I realized that we really need these qualities more holistically, after what we have gone through this spring during lockdown of corona virus.

We need totally new energy level to leave this spring behind, and to step into the new era.

MAY FOR MOBILITY. In yoga and dance, for example, mobility is a really important quality, as it gives you wider motional range to practice and move better. It is as important as strength and flexibility. Mobility comes through moving, finding limits and new ways, being active, doing different practices, twisting and shaking. When different body parts want to reach to distant directions, you should still keep the focus on what are you doing.

Being mentally mobile means being curious, open and active. Now we need this attitude now more than ever. It means being able to move freely and easily between different ideas, jobs, opportunities, people, groups, ideas; moving vertically, horizontally, and spirally opening to life.

Being mobile helps you to find new ways of thinking and doing, and seeing your visions more fully. Mobile and active people find easily new solutions, and solve problems but it demands courage and wisdom.

MAY FOR STRENGTH. For any practice, strength is a core demand. If you are flexible but do not have strength, you may practice but you cannot advance and develop fully.

Strength helps you to survive better when you are living in new circumstances or going through challenging situations. Being mentally strong helps to go through the difficult life cycles, and be resilient. It also means that you can admit your mistakes, accept what has happen, and change the direction.

In times of troubles strength gives peace and calmness. It makes you trustful and hopeful for the future, in the end.

MAY FOR FLEXIBILITY. Physical flexibility comes from heritage and from body structure, but we can also practice it intentionally. It is an essential quality in yoga but it’s not enough alone. We have to combine flexibility to mobility and strength, otherwise we will be hurt and brake the body. With flexibility, it’s possible to follow the path of self-development and learning new.

Mentally flexible person survives better from the storms of life, by changing direction and adapting new ways of thinking and doing. They do not have strict rules or way of thinking, but are open to new ideas.

Our brains love learning a new, resolving the challenges and to be challenged more. It is also one of the secrets of longevity with curiosity, openness, adaptation, acceptance, gratitude and self development. These qualities improve your life.

MAY FOR QI-ENERGY. Qi-energy is the vital life force, and it forms an essential part of our living. It is the air we are breathing, the food we eat, the practice we do, the thoughts we think, the passion we feel.

Qi should run freely through the body, mind and spirit, and help us to grow – get stronger, more mobile and flexible.

In life it is essential to cultivate and balance the flow of our qi-energy. Let your qi-energy move freely for happier and healthier life!

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