Yoga classes

Our yoga practices unite body, mind and energy, and cultivate health and wellbeing. We are aiming for vitality, mobility, flexibility, strength, and harmony.

Hatha Yoga


Joyful hatha classes yoga with focus on breath. Smoothly moving hatha, opening and strengthening asanas, pranayama and relaxation. Gives strength, flexibility and stability.

Yin yoga


Yin is mindful, functional practice targeting to joints, connective tissues and energy lines. Yin opens and purifies the body, removes extra toxins, cultivates the free flow of vital Qi-energy, and calms the mind.



The class combines warming poses, a yang practice and functional yin poses. Yin&Yang tonifies and invigorates the body and fascia, gives strength, balance and mobility, and harmonizes mind and energy.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow

Opening and stretching yoga practice with flowing sequences quided by breath. Hatha Flow increases the flow of energy, strengthens the muscles, and teaches balance and self-knowledge of the body and mind.