YIN Yoga 30h Teacher Training Tallinn 5.-7.4.2024

YIN Yoga Training Tallinn

🔹️ 5.-7.4.2024
🔹️ Yoga Alliance Certified (YACEP)

Would you like to teach Yin Yoga or deepen your knowledge in your teaching or in your own practice? Do you want to open a door to the new path?
Join our joyful group in charming Tallinn in April and get inspired by the healing, gentle and profound world of Yin. You will also get many tools outside the mat, to your own life.

🔹️ FEEDBACK (more below):
“It was a wonderful training, I really enjoyed it. There was a good balance between theory and practice. I am so grateful for the knowledge and the accessibility in the way in which you taught. After the training, I can really see and feel the value I have gotten from it. I appreciate how well thought out every detail of the training was.” Nicole

🔹️ ZEN STUDIO will organize in April an intensive and comprehensive 30-hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Tallinn in a collaboration with Joogaruum. It is based on the teachings of the founders and pioneers of Yin. The training is certified by the International Yoga Alliance (YACEP).

🔹️ IN THE TRAINING IN THE TRAINING you will learn the fundamentals of functional Yin, Yin yoga theory and philosophy, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Theory, the Meridian-Organ Health, mindfulness in Yin practice, Yin asanas with variations, and the principles of teaching and creating Yin classes.
🔹️ PRACTICAL TRAINING is based on the foundations of Paul Grilley’s Functional Yin and Anatomy, Sarah Powers’ teachings on Insight Yoga and Mindfulness, and Jo Phee’s teachings on Chinese medicine and anatomy. These merge with the other international Yin Teacher Trainings and numerous workshops over ten years, as well as Laura’s experience in teaching Yin, her insight and long-term devoted practices of meditation and mindfulness.
🔹️ IN-PERSON studying over a weekend is an enjoyable and effective way to study, as you will join a small, inspired group, participate in asana workshops and 10 hours of Yin classes, and learn the many possibilities and depths of Yin. After the training you will have a good knowledge of yin, teaching Yin, and creating and sequencing different Yin classes.
▫️ THE FUNDAMENTALS OF YIN – History and philosophy of Yin – Yin & yang theory – The essentials, theory, and benefits of Yin Yoga
▫️ CHINESE MEDICINE – Taoist principles – Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Meridian-body theory and the meridians in yin – The theory of five elements – Qi-life energy and Yin
▫️ YIN ASANAS AND FUNCTIONAL YIN – The principles of Yin asana – Functional Yin, anatomy and asanas – Fascia and connective tissues in Yin – Yin asanas with variations
▫️ MINDFULNESS IN YIN – Yin and mindfulness – Pranayama – Mindfulness and meditation in practice
▫️ YIN TEACHING AND PLANNING CLASSES – Yin teaching methodology – How to teaching functional yin yoga – Yin, different body types and mobility – Prop usage in yin and assistance – Creative Yin Yoga sequencing
– Yin Yoga: Principles & Practice – Paul Grilley
– Insight Yoga – Sarah Powers
– Yinsights or Your Body Your Yoga or The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga – Bernie Clark
– Mindfulness in Plain English – Bhante Gunaratana
🔹️ HOW: There are six modules in the training, which will be held in Joogaruum in Tallinn. In addition, the student will have 5 hours of independent home study and a final homework.
Each module has a thematic lecture, a theoretical teaching of one element with a related asana workshop, Yin practice, and time for discussing and sharing.
🔹️ MATERIAL: Participants will receive a comprehensive, illustrated, and printed 80-page manual to support learning in training and to study at home.
🔹️ DIPLOMA: After the completion of the course, the participant will get a certificate. Yoga teachers can enroll it in the Yoga Alliance’s continuing education, YACEP.
🔹️ TIME: the 5-7h of April 2024 – Friday to Sunday from 9 am. to 6 pm.
🔹️ PLACE: Joogaruum, Ristiku 10, 2. floor, Tallinn
🔹️ TO WHOM: Yoga teachers, Yin instructors, those interested in teaching Yin, and Yin practitioners who want to deepen their own practice.
🔹️ PRICE: The tuition of the course is 450 euros with a printed manual. The reservation fee is 100 euros, and the rest is to be paid a month after. You may ask a payment plan.
Refund & Cancellation policy: The fee of the training is non-refundable, only in the case of personal, medical event of which the medical certificate is required. Then the reservation fee is not refundable.

ℹ BOOKINGS by email: info@zenstudiomalaga.com or via WhatsApp Laura +358 40 5659652
– Laura (ENG/FIN) by email: info@zenstudiomalaga.com or WhatsApp +358 40 5659652
– Gerli (EST) by email: gerli@joogaruum.ee or WhatsApp+375 5222425

NOTE!!! The number of participants is limited to keep the teaching and the group  intense, interactive, and cohesive.

Event in Facebook: https://fb.me/e/1FzBKUHJV

Warmly welcome to the gentle and healing world of Yin and the Yinsters! YIN is IN 💙🙏🤍

With Yin greetings,
Teacher Laura and Gerli & Ereli from Joogaruum

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Laura (E-RYT200 Hatha, RYT300 Yin & Fascia, YACEP) is an international yoga teacher specialized in Yin Yoga Teacher Training.
She focuses in Yin, Yin&Yang, Hatha, Traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhism, and meditation.
Laura has been practicing yoga and meditation around the world since 1995. Finding this path totally transformed her life, but it took time, and taught her patience and humility.
She has been teaching yoga in Finland, in China, and in Spain, where she now works in Málaga as a founder of Zen Studio. She provides Yin yoga teacher training, meditation, and well-being services in Málaga area, abroad and online.
She started to practice Yin 13 years ago, and little by little she found out the beauty of the healing nature of Yin in her own life, mentally, physically, and emotionally. She committed to study it intensively.
In her Yin Teacher Training, she studied Yin and mindfulness at Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute; Yin, Chinese medicine, and anatomy at Jo Phee’s Yinspiration; Yin, Chinese medicine and fascia at Helena Chacon Muno’s Yogakula; and Embodied Yin in Helsinki.
Laura has enhanced her Yin teaching skills in numerous Yin workshops, including those with Yin’s founders Paul and Susie Grilley, then Victor Chng, Simon Low and Eija Tervonen, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, and with many other teachers.
She is very devoted to Buddhism, mindfulness, and Eastern traditions. In Shanghai she studied the basics of Taoism, energy and relaxation techniques and Medical Qigong in Shanghai Qigong Research Institute.
She has also done hatha teacher training in Kerala, India in 2012 (RYT 200 Hatha), after travelling around the world for yoga.
Mindfully she continues to explore yoga, study meditation, practice Buddhism, learn new, and gets inspired by different things with curiosity, passion, and gratitude.
Laura combines these experiences and training in her teaching and brings to Yin a holistic, mindful approach to live balanced life and to cultivate well-being, love and happiness, in body, mind, and spirit.
* ABOUTwww.zenstudiomalaga.com/aboutlaura/
FEEDBACK (more in the event)
“The training was excellent, well organised and wonderfully insightful. It was especially engaging to be around like minded people for an amazing weekend of Yin and being able to discuss in a group sharing our ideals and experiences informative.” Wendy
“I loved the training. I really liked the way of teaching, as we studied the theory and then the practice. It gave me a very very comprehensive view of Yin yoga. Laura is very good teacher and an admirable person.” Elena
“The training was rewarding, and the structure was well designed. It was a functional solution to alternate lecture, asana teaching, breaks and the yin practice itself. It was wonderful to study in person, as the energy of the group always has a positive impact on the yoga practice. As a teacher you are friendly and welcoming, relaxed and informal, so you create a positive atmosphere in the studio.” Anna
“The training weekend was wonderful. I am very grateful for it. The training was well planned, and I liked its structure. I felt refreshed, even though we studied a lot new, interesting things. The energy in our group was open, accepting, friendly and pleasant. Also, thank you for the very good training material.” Hanna
“I really appreciate everything that I learned. I will incorporate it in my daily personal practice. Laura is a great inspiration of the Yin energy herself. She guides you well to the postures, and during the practices she does it in a lovely, caring, and professional way. It is easy to see her extended knowledge and the preparation about the topic which she shares beautifully.” Sandra
“This was a truly holistic package to the world of Yin, which opened both the physical and the mental side. It was well created combining lectures and practice. Special thanks for very clear asana teaching. As a teacher, you are very professional, appreciative and a great example of what a yoga teacher should be like. You give the student space and mercy!” Sari
“Laura’s teaching was very knowledgeable, and the training was well planned. She was also wonderfully inspiring – I liked her gentle and honest teaching and her own experiences.” Jasmin
“The training was an interesting dive into the world of Yin. Laura was very empathetic, positive, and encouraging. I found the Yin philosophy and the spiritual part of the course impressive.” Riikka
“You’re a knowledgeable teacher. The material was very good and profound, and I use it a lot.” Anneli
 YIN 70h SCHEDULE 2024:

JANUARY – Yin Workshops – Tallinn
FEBRUARY – Yin Workshops – Finland
FEBRUARY – Yin Teacher Training – Online
MARCH – Yin & Qi-energy – Online
APRIL – Yin Teacher Training – Tallinn
APRIL – Yin Teacher Training – Málaga
MAY – Spring Yoga Retreat – Málaga
JULY – Yin Teacher Training – Helsinki
AUGUST – Yin II Teacher Training – Helsinki
SEPTEMBER – Yin Teacher Training – Online
OCTOBER – Yin & Mindfulness – Online
OCTOBER – Autumn Yoga Retreat – Málaga
NOVEMBER – Yin Teacher Training – Málaga
(The detailed schedule will be published in January. The trainings are in Finnish and in English.)

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+358 40 5659652

About Laura

Laura Heikkinen is a yoga teacher specialized in Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Buddhism, and Taoist practices.

She has studied Yin and Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Trainings in Insight Yoga Institute with Sarah Powers, and done hatha yoga teacher training in India. She has Yoga Teacher Trainings in Yin 280 RYT and Hatha 200 RYT

She has deepened her studies in Yin with Paul and Susie Grilley, Jo Phee, Victor Chng, Simon Low, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, and Helena Chaón Muñoz, and learned different yoga styles around the world more than 20 years.

She has been studying qigong, and relaxation and mindfulness techniques in Shanghai Qigong Research Institute, which is under the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai. She loves living by the seasons, lifelong learning and heading to longevity.

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