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Conscious Movement

Saturday 15th of February 10-12.30
30€, 25€ for 2 friends


WORKSHOP: Conscious Movement
WHEN: Saturday the 15th of February at 10-12.30
PLACE: Zen Studio Málaga

This workshop suitable for all aims to give you multiple approaches to unlocking the transformative potential in you. Join us to the practice that enriches your body-mind and quality of life – finding a balance between DICIPLINE and PLAY.

Through yoga, dance and martial art inspired content you will learn to improve your technique of movement, your ability to express your uniqueness and develop a deeper appreciation for the motion in your life.

The workshop is composed of 4 key sections, giving you the format to improve your technique of movement and develop a connection with your playful, intuitive and conscious self.

This involves coordinating the body, building up fluidity, flexibility and activating the subtle energy centres.

During this section we learn key movement patterns and sequences; floorwork patterns, animal movements, dynamic and locomotive sequences – developing an attentiveness and presence in your motion.

Once having integrated this, you’ll be guided thorough a framework that empowers you to express, your story, your way of doing and cultivate a deep connection to your intuitive self.

During movement games and challenges you will have the opportunity to bond, to exchange, to problem-solve together; practicing your abilities to listen with the body, to see from another perspective, to collaborate and co-create.

Finally we come to union; to integrate what we have experienced, to close with gratitude and reflection techniques – finding our power, our bliss, our consciousness in non-doing.

*OPEN TO ALL LEVELS – you do not need previous experience in yoga, dance or martial arts – most exercises will be scaled to your ability.

*The workshop will be taught in both in ENGLISH & SPANISH

Christian Chegne is a teacher of Movement Arts. He creates his practice from variety of disciplines as Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance as well as a range of Natural Movement Practices.

Christian has studied with and takes inspiration from world-renowned movement teachers; #BenMedder, #IdoPortal, #JozefFrucek, #TomWeksler, amongst others.

His approach is to create a diverse practice that enriches your body-mind and quality of life.

Guiding you toward moving better, thinking more freely – stepping into your power. He aims to strike a balance between DICIPLINE and PLAY.

“There are times to deeply focus, develop your will power, be perfectly precise and other times to play, to relax – to express your uniqueness.”

BOOKING & DETAILS (min 8 persons needed)
Price 30€
Bring a friend and each pay 25€, and 25€ for Zen Studio’s students
To book contact tel: +(34) 691 883 083 / Laura
Email: info@zenstudiomalaga.com

Zen Studio Malaga
Calle Casas de Campos 31, 2. floor
Soho, Malaga

More info and contacts: info@zenstudiomalaga.com
Mobile and Wattsup: +34 691 883 083