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Super Quest Teacher – Minna Tervamäki

Minna Tervamäki

Saturday 11th of January 11-12.30

Super Guest of First Saturday – Minna’s Methods
Zen Studio invites at its first opening weekend a great artist, a dancer-choreographer Minna Tervamäki from Finland to share us her professionalism, inspiration and enthusiasm for dance, art and movement.

Popular Minna’s Methods offer well-being for body and mind for dancers, yogis, and everybody, who want to learn to know and control the body, and focus mentally.

Minna has a magnificent career background as star dancer and award-winning prima ballerina at the Finnish National Ballet.

Nowadays her activities emphasize in interdisciplinary collaborations as choreographer. The core of her artistic expression is opening up from her perfect technique into new directions — whether it comes to conversation with jazz, flamenco, circus or visual arts. She also teaches and gives lectures around Finland.

The union of mind and body

Minna’s Methods consist of the means that she has been using to take care of her physical and mental endurance and to still aim to top performances. It combines dance, ballet, pilates, yoga, and a lot more.

The methods include mental and attitude skills, raise welfare and increase mobility, and gives strength. The idea is to mobilize and open the body, find the right alignment to spine and raise flexibility. It aims to “cat-like” moving, control and power, and dynamic but relaxed body.

She also shares some tips about recovery and relaxation methods and visualization techniques in this short but intensive practice.

She gives a short presentation for us her methods and knowledge in 1,5 hours a class.

TIME: Saturday 11th January at 11-12.30
PLACE: Zen Studio, Calle Casas de Campos 31, 2 floor

Warmly welcome to hear Minna’s stories and learn body care tips for New Year 2020!

Registrations and info: +34 691883083 / Laura Heikkinen

More info: www.minnatervamaki.com

More info and contacts: info@zenstudiomalaga.com
Mobile and Wattsup: +34 691 883 083