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Online Yin & Yang Detox

Saturday 18th at 10-11.30 (Madrid time +2UTC)

-> Saturday the 18th at 10-11.30 (Madrid time +2UTC)
SPRING SEASON is time for new growth, rebirth, and renewal. We invite you online to Yin & Yang yoga, talks, and Spring Detox to cleanse the body, refresh the mind, and find new, more vital and energetic you.
As the nature wakes up after long winter, so the body wants to detox, purify and rejuvenate. Green spring is the perfect time to purge and to nourish the body.
According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with growth, the wood element, which is connected with liver and gallbladder. These organs play important roles in the digestive system, the renewal and purification, and overall well-being.
HOLISTIC WELLBEING. Yin & Yang for Spring Detox is a comprehensive practice combining different methods and styles from functional yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, advices to healthy diets, Medical Qigong, mindfulness and relaxations for holistic wellbeing. This weekend is targeted to the purify the digestive organs, liver and gallbladder with yoga practice and postures that compress and activate these meridians and fascia in the body, and balance the whole digestive system. .
CLEANSING THE BODY. Spring cleansing of the body is an useful annual habit to repeat every spring to leave behind all old and enter to new, beautiful summer season.
It works in many ways:
– Helps to get rid of all extra and waste in body and in mind.
– Washes away impurities collected in the body during the winter.
– Increases the healthy flow of chi energy.
– Raises vitality and energy level.
– Balances the body, energy and mind.
– Increases joy, peace and happiness.
YIN FOR KINDNESS. In functional yin we will concentrate on liver and gallbladder and their energy lines, meridians, to open and stimulate them.
Liver out of balance manifests with anger, irritation, and frustration, but the liver in harmony resonates with kindness, compassion and inspiration. This practice offers a beautiful opportunity to work with your mind and emotions, relax, reduce stress, and find your inner beauty and prepare to sunny summer in warm spring.
PROGRAM: We start with breathing excercise and warming up our bodies by medical qigong, then practice mobilizing yang yoga with lot of twists to compress the organs and activate digestion, and share some tips to cleanse the body and mind.
Yang sentece is followed by functinal yin for wood element, liver and gallbladder to purify and vitalize the body and energize the mind.
Warmly welcome to practice to detox and balance your body and prepare yourself for healthy and happy spring and summer!
Book and reserve your place!
TIME: Saturday 18th of April at10-11.30 (Madrid time +2UTC)
FEE: €10
BOOKINGS: info@zenstudiomalaga.com
INFO: +34 691883083 / Laura
MORE INFO: www.zenstudiomalaga.com
FB and INSTA: zenstudiomalaga – Follow us!
ORGANIZER: New centre for yoga and holistic wellbeing, Zen Studio in Málaga.

Teacher: Laura, specialized in yin, yin&yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine / FB: BlissLaura.yoga
MORE INFO in FACEBOOK: BlissLaura.yoga

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More info and contacts: info@zenstudiomalaga.com
Mobile and Wattsup: +34 691 883 083

About Laura Heikkinen

Laura Heikkinen is a yoga teacher specialized in Yin yoga, Buddhism, and Taoist practices.

She has studied Yin and Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Trainings in Insight Yoga Institute with Sarah Powers, and done hatha yoga teacher training in India. She has Yoga Teacher Trainings in Yin 280 RYT and Hatha 200 RYT

She has deepened her studies in Yin with Paul and Susie Grilley, Jo Phee, Victor Chng, Simon Low, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, and Helena Chaón Muñoz, and learned different yoga styles around the world more than 20 years.

She has been studying qigong, and relaxation and mindfulness techniques in Shanghai Qigong Research Institute, which is under the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai. She loves living by the seasons, lifelong learning and heading to longevity.

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