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ZENBLOG / The Spring Equinox is officially the first day of spring. We have new season and new energy in front of us. Living by seasons we align ourselves with the Nature.  

The Spring Equinox is the transition from the cold (yin) winter to the warmer (yang) spring. It also offers us a shift from the slow winter energy to more active, warm, and lively season. The seasons and the nature are in change.

Everything in the nature has cycles, and so do we. Life and energy transform in the nature, so does transform our life, body, mind, and energy. That’s why we should adapt to the natural, seasonal living and to the rhythms of the nature.

Seasonal living helps us to be aware of the environment around us and to appreciate more this connection. It keeps us balanced, harmonious, and well. It is a healing invitation to be awaken to life and to connect to self.

FIVE ELEMENTS. In the Chinese Medicine there is the theory of the Five Elements. The elements are Water (winter), Wood (spring), Fire (summer), Earth (late summer) and Metal (autumn). They are interdependent and control each others.

These Elements are associated with the seasons, and their cycle also reflects the connection between man and the nature. Just like the cycles and the laws of the universe, a human body, mind, and emotions are also related to the functionality of the Five Elements. Their balance and harmony are essential for our health and well-being.

Even the early Taoist thought that the human beings are a part of the universe and the nature,  and they respected this connection. They wanted to live happy life in harmony with the rhythms of the nature.

Spring (Wood) is time for rebirth, growth, and new beginnings. It is time to cleanse and make space to hope, joy and life to blossom.
Summer (Fire) is warm, active, and intense. It is time for social life and outdoor living.
Late summer (Earth) arrives after hot summer to balance ourselves with the Earth.
Autum (Metal) is time to slow down with the downward energy when the days get shorter and colder.
Winter (Water) is dark, cold, and still. It is time to rest and reflect.

SEASONAL YIN FOR WELLBEING. Yin yoga is based on the theory of the Five Elements and follows the idea of the seasonal living.

With seasonal Yin, proper diet and living with the seasons we can harmonize ourselves with the nature. Seasonal living and yin is an attitude, which gives a lot of tools to attune ourselves to the seasons and live healthy, happy and conscious life.

Have a lovely Spring Equinox! Love and light to Spring!

Soon a blog to the Spring, the Wood Element and Seasonal Yin!

What about you, are you in tune with the seasons and live in the rhythm of the nature? Do you want to learn more about it?

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