“I am specialized in Yin Yoga Teacher Training.
I love life, yoga, Málaga and the Mediterranean Sea.”

Laura Heikkinen
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MY story

I started hatha yoga in 1995, and instantly fell deeply in love with that practice. It lead me to study Zen, Buddhism, spiritualism, and different traditions. From hatha I moved to ashtanga, then to other yoga styles. Ever since yoga and meditation have been a significant part of my daily life. I have always been dancing, moving, expressing myself with movement. We are made to move.

Year 2010 I decided to take a year off, and traveled around the world “Searching for a perfect yoga”. I tried near all styles from kundalini to bikram, and became attracted of Asian traditions. I did my first teacher training in hatha yoga (RYT 200) in Kerala, India.

In 2011 I went to yin yoga, and saw how it affected to my practice and daily life with its teachings and soft mindfulness. I wanted to know more. Since then I have deepened my studies in yin, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Insight meditation and mindfulness.

I later studied Yin and Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation in Insight Yoga Institute with Sarah Powers, and I got more confidence of the benefits of yin practice. I practiced yin with Paul and Susie Grilley, Jo Phee, Victor Chng, Simon Low, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, and Helena Chacón Muñoz. I have done 280 hours of teacher trainings in yin.

I became more interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so I moved to Shanghai to teach yoga and study taichi and qigong in Shanghai International Qigong Research Institute, where I learned new relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Asia changed my teachings and mindset.

With time, studies and experience, I founded Zen Studio which is based in Málaga, started to teach Yin Yoga Teacher Training. I also created a YIN 100h program, which specializes in Yin, anatomy, Qi-energy, and mindful meditation.

I love yin as it is a holistic, mindful practice which opens and purifies the body. It affects to our meridians, energy channels to let Qi- life energy run freely. It also offers a mindful moment to pause and look inside, which is very important in our stressful lifestyle and busy world.

Buddhist meditation means a lot to me. I have spent some time in Buddhist monasteries, in Plum Village, and I lived in a spiritual city of Chang Mai in North Thailand. I have experienced some of my happiest, blissful moments in those monasteries.

I’m inspired of lifelong learning, giving and receiving. I will continue my studies in anatomy, fascia, nutrition, Buddhism and meditation. I want to share my aspiration of living according to the seasons in harmony with the nature, eating pure food, cultivating the free flow of energy and heading to balance, mindfulness and longevity.

This creates our joyful spiral of free life, which became the logo of Zen Studio.

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Yoga teacher: Laura

Yoga Teacher Trainings
Yin 280 RYT / Hatha 200 RYT

  • E-RYT 200. YACEP.
  • Yin yoga, Chinese Medicine, Meridian Yin & Hip anatomy, London, September 2018 / RYT 65 Yin, Jo Phee, Yinspiration
  • Yin Yoga, Medicina China y Fascias in Spanish en Huelva, España /. Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fascia Training in Huelva, Spain. / RYT 45, TCM Yoga and Holistic Yoga Therapy.
  • Insight Yoga Teacher Training II, Mindfulness and Inner Practices with Sarah Powers and Insight Yoga Institute London April 2017 / RYT 30 Insight Yoga
  • Insight Yoga Teacher Training I, Intensive Yin/Yang Yoga ja Mindfulness Meditation with Sarah Powers and Insight Yoga Institute, Wales October 2016 / RYT 80 Insight Yoga
  • Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Authentic Flow, Helsinki June 2015 / RYT 60 Yin
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Kerala, India November 2012 / RYT 200 Hatha
  • First level of Kundalini in Agamajooga in Koh Phangan, Thailand, January 2011

Meditation and other studies


  • Meditation trainings since 1996, retreats, sangha practices.

Other studies

  • Hundreds of workshops
  • Studies in Shanghai International Qigong Research Institute, since January 2017
  • Taiji practice in 9clouds, Shanghai, since January 2017
  • Anatomy and Physiology studies in Mikkeli School, Online studies, 20 study weeks
  • Cognitive Psychology studies in Helsinki University, since 2019